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Time and attendance at companies


The time and attendance system can use both rigid and flexible times during the same day, and flexible weekly or monthly times with or without the carry-over into the following months. Information on the total hours as of the previous day can be viewed on the reader display. Moreover, the time and attendance system is equipped with additional features, such as the screen check of anomalies detected during the day and the request to show employees who are present or absent.

Thanks to Top Team, you can arrange for justifications sum up or break down overtime hours at the daily or weekly level; the system is also equipped with end-of-month compensation tables for flexible times. It also allows management of preset reasons coming from the terminals (reasons from 001 to 999). Top Team is equipped with historical archives for the analysis of work performed at the monthly and yearly level, with a printout of statistics. The master records archive is used to enter and manage employee data and display the master record data of employees as well as to associate the assigned badge number to each employee. The archive is accessed by employee surname or number. The archive will indicate the main profile followed by the employee and a temporary profile valid for a specific period. You can also enter the department that the employee belongs to.

Managing justifications
You can enter hour-long or day-long absence justifications for long periods (vacation, sick leave, marriage license). The justifications can also be entered in advance (vacation schedule).

Clocking record management
This module is used to analyze an employee’s clocking records for one day of the month, as well as to review all employees for one specific day or one employee for every day of the month. The maximum number of clocking records that can be acquired during the day is 16; you can also inhibit one clocking record coming from a terminal and manually enter new clocking records. The Top Team time and attendance system can be used to enter hour-long or day-long absence justifications, and clocking records can be reviewed using an anomalous time table. All stored clocking records can be inhibited, and ordinary as well as overtime work data can be entered manually.

Printing time cards
The timecards of one specific employee or of all employees can be printed out. The individual employee clocking records can be printed to the screen.

Hourly tables
Management of time tables consists in the creation and editing of tables based on which the clocking records of a single employee can be reviewed for one day. Holiday tables do not specify mandatory work hours, but instead allow two clocking-in and clocking-out records for automatic overtime calculation. The time brackets indicate the interval type: if the time worked is not counted, if it is ordinary or overtime, if there are ordinary increases, if the period is used for the flexible time during the day, if it is a flexible time that allows variable lunch breaks with a minimum absence time. There is a total of 998 time tables that can be used.

Time profiles
The time profiles entered in Top Team are groups of seven time tables, and they are used to define the work schedule of an individual employee and of groups of employees. The system automatically extracts the time table to use from the profiles, depending on the employee and on the day. The justifications can be parameterized for 999 types of the attendance and absence type, rounding off, minimum limit, hourly or daily, for all days (i.e.: sick leave) or work days only (i.e.: vacation time), pay increase justifications (i.e.: overnight work). In the Top Team system, you can define holidays for the current year and for the year before, including the Patron’s Day holiday so that an absence does not have to be justified.

Connection to terminals
The Top Team system can be connected to terminals to acquire clocking records; terminals must be the TBS or Dialog type. It is also possible to acquire clocking records from text files generated by other types of badge readers. The management by department means that company department can be entered and then associated with the employees – master record.

Setting up the new period
The time attendance system can manage the current and the previous period; preparation of the new period transfers current period data into the previous period .

System password
The user name can be entered through the assigned access key.

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